Am I the only person who is not completely thrilled with this movie?

Aside from the fact that it’s always bad to go to see the movie with high expectations, previously formed by reading other people’s comments, I have to note that the “Baby Driver” really wasn’t so bad. It’s an interesting mix of action, weird humor and drama, all in a stunning rhythm, on which, as is very visible, creators payed a lot of attention. After the “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2”, this year we were able to enjoy another cinematic hit with an excellent soundtrack, which is a great thing. The action goes much better with good music. The music is there to contribute to its quality and certainly serves as a complement to the visual level of telling the story. It therefore makes a very important component that enables a better understanding of characters and their actions.

The acting team is almost great. Young Elgort, after his solid roles in popular teenage hits “The Fault in Our Stars, 2014” and the “Divergent” series (Divergent, 2014; Insurgent, 2015; Allegiant, 2016), literally glttered and announced many possible great performances in the future.  John Hamm amazed me in the role of a strikingly handsome robber with a psychological issues, Jamie Foxx was up to the task, as usual. Eiza Gonzáles was ok, and Lily James was a great choice for the role of Deborah. She and Elgort looked good together on the big screen. Believe it or not, I did not like the role of Doc entrusted to Kevin Spacey. With all due respect to the Hollywood icon, whose excellent acting interpretations is not necessary to list, I think it would be better if another actor appeared this time. In this relatively small role, in which he almost had no room to develop the character, he left me with the impression of an actor who, by his name, should have contributed to the rating of the film, because the audience will value his work here in the context of his earlier masterful performances.

Yes, the film is really exciting, it has a sufficient amount of tension, it does not diminish and does not seem to last long. So, you can recommend it to all kinds of viewers – they will enjoy this crazy ride. However, I would not call the “Baby Driver” the cinematic highlight of this summer. I really didn’t like the ending. In the last ten minutes, the perception of the film and its main protagonist have changed completely, and not in the positive sense. We were talking about a movie in which it seemed that the main thing was to entertain it’s viewers. Okay, there is some kind of drama, when we talk about Baby’s past and his relationship with Doc. But nevertheless, I expected the “smoother” ending but the morally correct outcome of an event in which all the bad guys suffer, and the main hero must pay his debt to society. In a certain way, however, we see happy ending, but also the lesson, which here seemed quite artificial. I suppose that, from the film that seemed like something refreshing and unusual, I was expecting more original ending.

Naturally, the possibility remains that it simply “wasn’t my day” and that I should give Edgar Wright’s “Baby Driver” another chance, but the truth is, I’m not so interested too watch it again. But the songs we’ve heard here will definitely appear on my playlist.