Little chances are that the charming Frenchman will take by the hand each one of us to a picnic in Lyon, tasting of fine food, scented wines and thus removing us from everyday life, but that’s why we all should watch the new film by Eleanor Coppola.

“Paris can wait,” a romantic drama intended primarily for the delicate part of the film audience. For those who loved movies as “Under the Tuscan Sun, 2003” and “Eat Pray Love, 2010” will also be thrilled with this flickering story. Far from being as brilliant as previous two, mentioned above, it will certainly be a pleasant experience for all those who are looking for joy in a movie. It will also serve as a reminder of the importance of cultivating a particular skill, which is the joy of life.

The right thing for all those hedonists in the soul who may have forgotten how much, even at the level of the minutest details, it is important to please yourself, that it is okay sometimes to let go, be spontaneous and enjoy simple pleasures. The wife of the famous director of “The Godfather” brings us the realization almost in the form of a gastronomic guide through France. And not through Paris, that we are accustomed to seeing in romantic films, but through places outside the center, where only a real connoisseur can take you.

When the combination of tasty food, sensuality and eroticism was not the winning one? The film abounds precisely with scenes of skillfully arranged food in fine local restaurants that Jacques and En visit on their long trip to Paris. The presence of beauty in the details is also emphasized by the heroine’s interest in photography. Visiting the sights of every passing place, light humor and great acting interpretation, are really a special experience for the viewer.

It’s a pleasure to watch Diane Lane in roles like this, where the immediacy, charm and sincerity of the characters are accustomed to the way we are used to in pleasant lovers “Must Love Dogs, 2005”, “Nights in Rodanthe, 2008”, and, above all, in the aforementioned 2003 adaptation of the bestseller novel by Frances Mayes, whose action is located in the magnificent Tuscany. To make things even better, her co-stars are Alec Baldwin and the lovely Arnaud Viard who’s caracter colours entire movie with specific charm and extravagance.

The film, however, abounds in cliches – Jacques is portrayed as a typified figure of the French seducer, we see a rich husband who neglects his wife, a crisis in the marriage of a middle-aged couple that is presented to us in not so imaginative moves. So, “Paris can wait” is thematically speaking, something we’ve already seen many times, but we are still pleased that it was filmed. It is important that such films are still being produced, that they are out there, because they really have their faithful viewers. Precisely because they come to us as live postcards from a place that we would like to experience just as heroes we see in front of us. Seen in that way, these places become part of our experience and memories.

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