If you are planning a relaxing evening  after a busy day, making popcorn and thinking which movie to watch, “The Hitman’s Bodyguard” could be the right choice. Patrick Hughes’s new movie, as a blend of action (with lots of clichés, though), dark humor jokes and parody of the romance movies, does not pretend to be a serious film. We could rather say it is a movie for entertainment only and a reminder of why we love Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson. Anyone who sees it that way, will not be disappointed. And even if we take into account critic’s opinion on the fact that these two are actually acting themselves here, it still isn’t such a bad thing. Especially for the fans of Deadpool’s  charming young actor and, on the other hand, for the admirers of the legend with contagious laughter.

This movie is pretty light, although in the context of the story is a trial of a war criminal. This fact almost merely floats as a frame of action whose essence is in the events of the killer (Darius Kincaid) and his bodyguard (Michael Bryce) on the road to the final goal. The main villain is brought by great Gary Oldman. And with Salma Hayek, in the role of Kincaid’s wife, we have four big names that should provide enough audience at the box office.

When it comes to the characterization, we could say that the “soft-hearted killer”, Kincaid,  is the main character. At the same time, this merciless, mercenary killer who is visibly entertained by his work, continually takes on the role of a love therapist, which inevitably produces a comic effect. The story is about a typical antihero – the one who punishes bad guys and, in addition to being aware that he is a criminal, we cheer for him. Bryce, marked by an inner struggle, desperate because of a failed career and lost love, builds with Kincaid one very unusual aspect of the relationship bodyguard-protege. The film is full of bloody scenes and bizarre humor, although not with numerous moments where you will laugh out loud. The conclusion that we should probably carry out is that our world is raw, and that you can’t always play by rules and protocols, and in most of situations you must rely on your instincts, improvisation, and even – force.

The use of popular music in movies has once again proved to be a good way to buy viewers. If you play them songs they like, they will definitely like the movie more, even a little bit. And in this particular case, I think the idea was that the music should emphasize parodical scenes.

At the end, we remain concerned with whether the “The Hitman’s Bodyguard” had to be filmed and how long we would remember it. We could easily give a negative answer to both questions. Because we really didn’t see anything innovative: there is a black and white picture of the East and the West; one man who will uncover unbearable criminal actions; conflicted but then reconciled lovers and the fully anticipated end. But if the film was supposed to serve as a frame for the action scenes with Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson, then the goal is surely achieved, and the audience that was looking forward to that, will undoubtedly praise this film.

*Photo: http://www.imdb.com